Thursday, 7 February 2019

Creating the First Altar Piece: Test Shots 2

To continue here are some of the shots that I thought I could develop ...

This shot I thought worked quite well on the meditative however I do feel it is not very dynamic and definitely could be improved.

I tried various mirror shots however I do not think that the mirror works particularly well and I think I need to find a different pose for the second shot here

I liked this one more as It has got something to it and as a shot it works much better than the previous one. 

I think I prefer the one above to this one but I kind of like the girl looking out from the mirror to the viewer directly perhaps there is more connection with the viewer.

This one is okay however I feel it is slightly too mundane and overdone as an image - there is nothing that makes it stand out. 

This one I thought had something it was quite dynamic the lines in the image work well and the pose gives a feeling that something is happening, changing...

I think that i want to reshoot all of these as I haven't quite found what I am looking for in these and I need to work on these composition more - The studio is quite small and the problem of standing up in the images is that you cannot get far enough back and include the backdrop in the image - I am considering that perhaps I might like to do these images outside as this would give me the distance and perhaps a more interesting backdrop.

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