Sunday, 15 September 2019

Army of Dolls: Reflection

 I have always been fascinated by the plasticity juxtaposed with the human qualities of dolls, therefore, this project was a chance to explore this a little more through digital art.  I would have liked to have explored this project in a more physical way actually using the dolls and creating sculptures and scenarios in a human world rather than a virtual one. What is often lacking now in society is that sense of human touch, all day long people are virtually connecting however physically they may never speak or touch anyone.  This new generation will have touched and physically played less than any other generation before them as they have known only this.  

My concern for this lack of materiality in everyday life demonstrates that I need to explore this area and find that physicality in my artwork.  

In terms of the success or failure of this work, I believe that in the time given it was fairly successful, some of the images could have been more finessed in places and I wished I had more time to make further pieces so I could have explored what really worked and what did not within these images.  As a concept, it worked well however it still could have been more interesting in terms of narrative and this may be something I will come back to in the future.   

Now, I am looking forward to my next adventure..... 

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