Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Instruction Photography: The Beginning of the Idea

As my project takes a new direction I will share the process with you here.  So the instruction was to take a line from a book or a film.  I chose 'You can't anticipate dreams..' from Hannibal (TV Series)
I really enjoyed this line as I thought dreams are like collages created from the day, your twisted thoughts, the television and so if I could photograph these things they do become the anticipation of my dreams and so here are the first set of contacts for my anticipated dreams...

I photographed mostly in Black and white using a high contrast filter on my Olympus Stylus SH-2 it's actually a camera that I most like to work with.  It is compact yet does everything manually has a really fantastic super macro which is far better than my DSLR and here as you can see you can really play with the light with this filter.  I think I often think about how things look in black and white - I find colours more difficult to process.  Yet my dreams are always in colour!

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