Sunday, 9 February 2020

Project Progress: Anticipated Dreams

As I was working through my project through the diary that I originally proposed, I found that I wanted to concentrate much more on the images and photography again and through work, in my specialist sessions I found my way to 'Anticipated Dreams' which will be my project for this term.

Therefore after creating one piece of work whilst I was working on this idea in my specialist sessions which I shared in my last post and after looking at Joan Fontcuberta.  I have started to explore further ideas to show photographically my anticipated dreams

Ronen Goldman uses surreality in his image to show his dreams and many artists both past and present have used dreams and the surreal. 

Here are two works by Goldman

These works are almost what I would expect.  Dali takes a sightly more interesting approach and is highly influenced by Freud; 'A well-read student of Sigmund Freud, Salvador Dali – who never used drugs and only drank alcohol (especially champagne) in moderation – turned to a most unusual way to access his subconscious. He knew that the hypnogogic state between wakefulness and sleep was possibly the most creative for a brain.' (Park West gallery 09/02/2010)  It has always been a fascination of artists as to how to put these dream images into work. I prefer Dali's here as this piece was a reoccurring dream image; 'Dali described his paintings as “hand-painted dream photographs.” One of his favorite recurring images, bent and flowing watches, look as if they’re made of wax, melting away on a hot summer day in the desert.' (Spear C. 25/04/2012) This is more how my own dreams work and my anticipated dream will represent some of these ideas.

Moving forward I will begin by creating a storyboard to represent the photo shoot/shoots that I will carry out as these will be integral to actualising my vision. 

The final result will, I hope, show what I intended in photographic form.  I will also be researching further artists to look at how they have actualised these visions. 


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