Thursday, 30 July 2020

Project Sign Off: Materiality & The Image


I have now experimented and really thought about what I would like to explore for my project this term.  My project sign off can be found here: Project Sign Off

Thinking more about the physical aspect of the image it used to be quite powerful to tear up or destroy physical photographs obviously now much more difficult! Natasha Curuana in her Fairytales for Sale, removed the faces from the images of women selling their wedding dresses.  She used these in her project to create a new narrative on the nature of women as a bride and beyond  'The image, however, undergoes a transformation from wedding photograph to sales image - and as this change takes place. the bride loses her identity.  She loses face' (Rogers & Houghton: 2017. P55)


Although not directly related to the work I am carrying out I thought the concept of the change in the use of the images was interesting and how this affected the viewers' perception of the images.  Context is everything and perhaps exploring out of context images could be a further area to explore!


Natasha Caruana (2020) Fairytale for Sale [Online] Available from: (Accessed 30/07/20)

Rogers F. & Houghton R. (2017) Firecrackers: Female Photography Now, Thames & Hudson. London. 

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