Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Creating a Fashion Collection: Process One

 As an example of how to hand draw and then create a digital portfolio I created these drawings for a mens fashion collection. 

My fashion collection is for men aged 25-35 (Generation Y/millenials), I am targeting this age range as this is the 'largest generation to date—numbering over 80 million strong in the US alone' (Wertz, 2021). The collection will be called 'Winter Wonderland and will be urban chic in style.  The designs will use two solid colours; lilac and blue with an accent colour of orange.  This collection will feed into the current trends using oversized wool jumpers, asymmetrical design and skinny ankle-grazing trousers.

As millennials are socially conscious and want stylish but affordable clothing (Wertz, 2021). I will aim to use this in my branding and marketing.

To begin I gathered my equipment together, this included a croquis template of the male figure I wanted to use printed at A3, Tracing Paper A3, coloured pastel pencils, 2B pencil, rubber, sharpener and clip.  I also had my phone to hand to snap the process!

I laid the tracing paper over the croquis and clipped this carefully into place. I then began to sketch out my design using a pencil.

I carefully traced around the head and body parts that I wanted showing so that each design will be uniform in look, shape and size.

I began adding colours - starting here with the skin.

I used the two tones and pastel pencils to do this - I used these as I can colour and then use my fingers to smooth the colour and soften.  

The final design I then scanned and photocopied.  The scan I can then add to Photoshop for my final portfolio when I have chosen which designs to use. 

I used this process for all my designs.  Here are some further designs....

Ideally, you should have sketched out, developed and tried many many more than this!  In the next post I will go through the Photoshop process for the portfolio.


Wertz, B., 2021. The New Rules of Style, According to Millennials. [online] Men's Journal. Available at: <> [Accessed 1 December 2021].

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