Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Creating a Fashion Collection: Process Two

 I will now go through the Photoshop process for the portfolio. 

Begin by opening Photoshop and then opening the file you are going to use.  

I then went to Image - Auto Tone, Auto Contrast and Auto Colour.  I did this just to make the colours and tones stand out however I could also have used Curves for a more subtle effect. 

I then wanted to get rid of some of the smudges and roughness of the background so I used the Clone Stamp tool with a soft large brush just to remove the smudges - however, I did not actually want to remove all of these as I still want it t feel a little raw in design. 

I then create a new canvas by going to File - New, a dialog box opens and I go to Print in the top menu then A3 and it should be white in background with a 300 resolution for high print quality.  

I then went back to the original drawing  - checked the Image size and resolution so that it fitted well onto my canvas and had the same high resolution then went to Select - All and then copy and then clicked into my new canvas and went to edit - paste to past the design onto my portfolio page.

I then went to my logo which I had already created and added this to the top right-hand corner of the page.

I also added the title of the collection and tagline and underneath I will write a description of the clothing and materials

This is my finished page

I will then create my other pages, A front cover, and a page that explains the materials, origin and sustainability and target market/price point.  I will put the concept in my introduction and I may add a final page with all six designs.

Here is another example - we can discuss these materials in class!

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