Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Digital Design Reassessment: Brand Story

My brand is a brand of 'homemade' jam called Zoe's  'Yummy Tummy'  Jam - I made a quick logo that I thought would work well with my brand above.

Zoe began making jam in her kitchen for friends and family back in 2000.  It was so good, friends encouraged her to sell it on the market and soon her business was booming. Zoe's passion for creative flavours such as Strawberry and Rhubarb, Gooseberry and Plum and Apple and Spice were all a hit with the locals. Soon Zoe could expand and bought her first little shop in 2004 which expanded her range and customer base.  Zoe soon became a popular franchise in market towns and small cities in Great Britain.  The success of the UK stores meant Zoe could begin to expand further afield and her first store opened in San Francisco, USA in 2018.  
In 2020 disaster hit as the covid pandemic spread through the world.  Zoe's stores had to close as the world shut down.  Zoe though downhearted saw that people still wanted her Yummy Tummy Jam and now it was jsut a case of getting it to people.  Zoe launched her online Yummy Tummy store in 2021 and now her beautifully packaged Jam reaches homes in all corners of the world.  Nobody misses out now as Yummy Tummy Jam to your doorstep is just one click away. 

This brand story I will use to sell my product and add to my design board once I have mocked up the product packaging.  I think this works well as it flows and follows the usual brand story guidelines.  
The trick will now be to ensure that the brand story and the product work well together.

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