Sunday, 19 May 2019

Finalising the Site: Reimagining

The first design I created did not work as I had hoped and didn't look how I wanted it to.  Mainly it lacked consistency and the navigation did not please me as it seemed clunky and quie difficult.  I therefore started the site again using a different template that suited the theme much better.  Here are the updated screenshots...

This is my new logo I used a photograph from pixabay of the butterfly and then selected this on Photoshop and cut it out to place it on a transparent background - this was so that I could add it to any background without it looking odd.  I then changed the saturation using the adjustment layers to this grey as my whole site uses a grey and white colour palette for the design.

 I then recreated the homepage - I used the original image but softened the shades and tones to create a softer more mindful look.  I added the logo and created very simple navigation that was much cleaner and easier to use.

Although in this image teh shopping cart is still there I actually removed the embedded shop and will add this again when I have created the books that I would like to sell directly from here.  The shop here uses another site for fulfillment so I just added the widget as in my previous post.

I rewrote the About page and changed the image again using the shades of grey and white and this is much improved and more consistent.

I also changed the about page using the same technique and although I have not screenshotted it here I added a lightbox to ask people o subscribe and to agree to the privacy policy which pops up.  This still needs more work as I need to add the welcome letter that goes out automatically on sign up.

I then changed and edited the mobile view and this seems to be working well but I do need to do more UX testing on this to ensure that it does work as it should on all devices.

I have now made my site live although I would suggest it is still in the Beta stage but it is getting there and with a little more work could be great!

Next steps are social media, creating sales and reaching out to people through the site.

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