Monday, 27 May 2019

Finally Zoetic Mindfulness is Born!

A last my website is now completely functional and although still some tweaks are needed I have completed the site with fully functional links to the two online shops that I am selling from and with a blog that I have started. 

As you can see here I have updated the front page and I think this is much improved - all the navigation works well and I have added a lightbox that pops up for people to subscribe which includes acceptance to the privacy policy. 

The about page looks good and I have tested it on the mobile view - as below: 

The shop fronts I had to create two as I ended up using two different sites due to the range of goods and how I could upload my designs differently in both.  Redbubble offered the widest range and I could use my own designs easier here so I created this as the Zoetic store

As you can see you can buy t-shirts, bedding, a range of products that showcase the design and give a wide choice to to the viewer.

I also have created a blog which I really want to continue to add to regularly as useful informative tool for the audience..

Although still much work is needed here I am pleased with the results and that I have completed this on the deadline!

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