Sunday, 5 May 2019

Quizzes Online for Lead Generation

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This week I spent many hours attempting to find a decent online quiz creator that I could use for lead generation.  As Josh Hayman states on Autogrow;

'The humble personality quiz is a perfect lead magnet for social media because it combines the shareable aspects that quizzes naturally possess with an opt-in form to bring in actual sales leads.'

and he is not the only one saying it - it is a fact that quizzes produce leads as people love to do quick quizzes on social media to find out something about themselves and by doing them are willing to give their email for quick quiz results which in turn generates leads.  Depending on how well you use social media and how you promote this you could potentially generate good traffic to your site and you also now can start sending out emails to these leads that actively bring people back to the site.

The problem I had was that I tried looking at many quiz generating sites and almost all wanted me to pay - this is not helpful as I am already paying for a website, domain name etc I do not want to incur more start up costs.  I looked at: Quizzime and many more all of these had monthly costs - even Surveymonkey for businesses costs an eye watering sum that would effectively start to wipe out any small amounts that I make.  Therefore after much thought I decided to use Google forms as this is easy to embed in Wix, can be made to include email addresses and should be able to create a info graphic and results that would satisfy the target audience.

In my next post I will share the quiz and how I have created this ...


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