Thursday, 2 April 2020

Object Lesson: Sense of Identity 2

Continuing on my theme of art therapy

I started sketching thoughts and began with these - the idea here is just that I think I feel most pain deep inside my stomach and I always feel this is where all the emotion lives.  I like the distorted body here.

This is liked for the darkness on half the image and the light on the other half as I feel often I live half in the light and half in darkness - so when the darkness comes there is a sense of being in a black hole where there is no hope ....

Obviously, my drawings here are not in any way 'good' but they are expressive of the feeling and the idea - and I will use this idea to expand upon my project ideas - I don't have a gallery room like Tracey Emin but I have this blog so that I can keep sharing this work as I create it.  There will be more - I am looking forward to seeing how this develops. 

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