Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Free Project: Initial Ideas & Plan

 In this project I would like to explore further NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens) I had started the research for this earlier this term and set up an account and profile on Rarible

I really would like to create a new collection of images as I was experiencing by using old images.  My concept for the new collection would explore darkness and light so I will create images reflecting my chosen name Persephone.  Using photography I will try to create a set of 6-10 images that have a high contrast of light and dark.  These will be shot in black and white using my Olympus OMD-10 Mark II. I am not sure which lens I will use yet as I have a wide 18-40mm, a telephoto 40-150mm and a fixed 35mm lens and I will need to experiment to decide what kind of images I am after.  The 35mm would be great to shoot close up intimate images, the telephoto I really want to experiment with when I visit Seville to see what I can shoot in terms of urban landscape as I staying in the middle of the city.  

After I have shot these I will curate these images and choose the most consistent set for a collection to add to my Rarible site to sell as NFT's.  

The shot above has the kind of contrast I am looking for with the white background offsetting the woman's dark kimono and then the white flesh of her breast accentuating the sensuality of the feminine form.  The hands are perfectly placed either side drawing attention to the cat on one side and touching her shoes pulling the viewers eye to the foot a sensual fetishistic object of desire.  


Over the next two and half weeks I will spend time creating this project.  I Ill start with a practice shoot just to experiment with the kind of shots I would like to take.  This will probably take around 2 hours.  Once I have more of a plan for the shots for the collection I will spend may 3-4 hours taking shots.  

After I completed all the shots I will create contact sheets and curate the collection I expect that this may take another 2-3 hours. I will then put each shot through Photoshop as quality control and make each shot is perfectly balanced and consistent for the final collection. I expect this to take at least 2 hours.  

The final step will be minting all the images through Metamask and adding to Rarible I expect as I am still new to this, at least 3 hours.

I will add blog posts for the process and I will add further research which I would expect will also take another 2 hours.  

The total length of this project will be 18 hours and I do think that this is possible in the time given and should be completed to upload to my website by the beginning of June.

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