Monday, 9 May 2022

Ideal Customer Profile & Target Market: The Story of Milk & Honey

 I have created my Ideal Customer Profile for my book The Story of Milk & Honey.  I have research book publishing statistics and the UK book publishing industry is worth 10 billion and UK's book publishing industry is one of the most thriving in the world (Martin, 2021).  Although smaller publishers suffered over the pandemic it is expected that UK book publishing industry will experience growth by at least 2% by 2023 and the pandemic actually increased book sales by 5.2% as people had time again to read (Martin, 2021).

Looking at the Yougov survey it states that 1 in 5 Britons describe themselves as an avid reader also 'Of the genders, women are also much more likely to be frequent readers than their male counterparts. Over a quarter (27%) of women read daily, compared to a sixth (13%) of men' (What are common reading habits? | YouGov, 2022).  Interesting physical books are still favoured by readers with 60% of Britons favouring physicals books and only 24% preferring an e-book.  

Also I have discover that millennials which I have used for my customer profile are the highest users of audiobooks; 'Brits aged between 25 and 39 are the most likely to be fans of the audio book, with 13% saying they use audio books to get their fix – twice the number of other age groups' (What are common reading habits? | YouGov, 2022).

In terms of my choices here for my customer profile as stated women read more than men, millennials still like to read physical books and 42% of women prefer fiction which is another reason this is my ideal user. 

Considering the facts here I might consider creating an audio book as this seems to a good seller to this market and also I would market this more heavily as a physical book that you can easily buy online or  in-store as this is what this generation wants and are more likely to spend their money and time on.  


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