Thursday, 5 May 2022

The Story of Honey: Bookcover Photoshop Process

 I began by opening Photoshop going to file in the top menu and then new to create a new canvas - I went into dialog box and I picked print A5 and the resolution was 300 dpi as I would like this high quality print.  and I chose a white background.  Now I have the canvas to start with.

I then opened my photographic image that I obtained from Unsplash for the cover.  I checked the Image size and rsolution and changed these to match my canvas as I wanted the image to fill the page

I used the text tool on the left hand menu to create my title and my authors name.  I used Felix Titling font at 36pts for the title and 24 pts for my name.  I changed the font colour and I used the move tool to change the position of the writing.

This is the final result, which I think would work on a standalone book of Hone but I am working on a joint book of Milk and Honey as well so I will be trying this again. I have saved it as a jpeg and psd.

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