Sunday, 4 December 2022

Finalising the Book

Once I had completed the book photographs and text, I began adding this to Blurb pages using Bookwright.  When this was completed I uploaded this to Blurb  

On Blurb, I created a short summary of the book and added the price.  I then ensured the preview was working correctly as below.

I then downloaded the book as a PDF and then uploaded this to Flipsnack so I could embed this into my website - Flipsnack link is here: Woman

Once this was completed I embedded this into my website in two places - I added it to a button and linked it under the Photo section 

I also embedded it as a link in the dropdown navigation box - the book now opens in Flipsnack in both places 

I will now check this on the desktop and mobile version to ensure it works correctly.   

Overall I think the book has worked well this term, the final version is simple and effective and works well on the site, I still may change this so I can write more of an introduction on a page however by embedding the links may make this more challenging in terms of website design.  I still need to work more on the design of the site but this should be an ongoing process.

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