Sunday, 4 December 2022

Website UX Testing

 I tested the website with the class, and these are the responses I got from my feedback form

Most students thought my design was 'good' however perhaps the site is not as appealing to the younger generation!

Pleased to see that most people thought the navigation was excellent, since this I have improved this further as I was not happy with the mobile navigation, I think now this area should work very well.

Again most people thought the design and style was 'good'  I think that this is okay as perhaps it won't appeal to everyone and I think most importantly the site is easy to use and if you are interested in my work it is accessible here.

I am pleased mot thought the bio was excellent, somebody thought it was poor and in the last one this is the case, it is a pity someone really did not like it, but we all have our own tastes!

Most thought this was excellent or good apart from the one who clearly hates my site - so all is okay here.

Good and excellent and the one who hates my site again- I think that this is a good sign and my work is presented well here

Again/good and excellent apart from the one...

Most tested on the PC but I was pleased to see some tested on the tablet and laptop

One said that LinkedIn does not work and the homepage cut off however I tested Linkedin again and it seems to be working just fine but I will be checking this again live on other devices.  The Photo Portfolio is unfinished as this is for another class so I am doing this with them this coming week.  The CV is a CV and I think you would probably only read this if you were interested and so I do not mind that it is a little longer.

Overall mostly good and I do still need to keep updating and working on this to make sure it stays good and improves all of the time.

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