Friday, 6 January 2023


 Over this term, I have created a small book using text and images called 'Woman'.  This book represented the woman through her life and was a feminist view of being a woman in the world. 

This project evolved in development at the beginning of the term through the research I carried out, considering how other artists had represented women through stages of their life.  I realised that I wanted to use Barbie in the Photos and purchased a mini studio that I could use for the images to create consistency throughout.  I the images of each stage I reshot several times until I go the look that I wanted.  While I was doing this I was also redesigning my website and writing the text for the book.  I felt that the development of this work went well and it was the right amount of work for a small project, in the time given.  I managed to stick to my own plan and deadlines and so on time and workload I managed this well throughout and by Week Eight my book and website were ready and I had also ordered a hard copy book on Blurb as well which although was only the Trade book (so it was fairly cheap) the quality was very good and I was very pleased with the outcome here. 

Most of the photographs I was very happy with but this was because I did reshoots to ensure I got what I wanted in each image.  If I had more time I would have worked more on rewriting the text as there are some parts that could be smoother and flow better if I had rewritten this. 

Overall I was very happy with the outcomes I achieved but also my time management was very good this term, sticking to my deadlines and even with the reshoots I managed this project well.

The final outcome is both a flipbook on my website and a hard copy book I am happy with both versions and I like the fact that it lives in the real work for sale on Blurb!

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