Thursday, 19 January 2023

Formable Traces: Final Piece

 To finalise my piece I put together my images on Photoshop, I used a black canvas andjust slightly adjusted teh curves to ensure the image had a little pop. 

I played with this final pice on the Deep Dream AI generator and I asked for this in the style of Nan Goldin.  The generator created this from my images...


I enjoyed taking these images, I think last term I worked with the doll and continuing this through these images was interesting as a continuation of the experiences of woman.  I like the black and white and the message.  I would obviously reshoot these to maybe improve them if I was to use this again for anything however for this short exercise I actaully as very pleased with the result.  I have also been experimenting with the AI images and I enjoyed very much the image the AI generated from my final images here - an interesting result - a couple in a caravan resulted from the domestically abused doll!  I I do enjoy the strangeness of the creation!

I evolved the image further and this is what was created...

My disembodied dolls become whole..

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