Thursday, 19 January 2023

Creative Media Production: Photography Flash Task

 To begin the two-week photography project we looked at camera settings and functions and completed a 'flash task' in session to practice using the camera before going out on Friday to create Urban Landscape images.  

In this session, we looked at other artists who had used the idea of Traces of themselves or others in images, with the idea that e we would do this to create a piece showing photographic trace in the world or of someone else.  Ana Mendieta's work is a good example of this and I will be exploring her work through research in my next post.

After considering the work of Annika Von Hauswolff, I based my image ideas for this short class task on this, I liked the idea of the balloons and used this to experiment with.

I used the Canon 700D for these images and initially set the camera to ISO 400, F4, 1/200.  I also shot these, for the most part in black and white.  Below are my contact sheets, I ended up with around 139 images.

Following on from last term the doll images here actually turned out to be most successful, so after experiments with my body parts, I tried the doll as I was working alone this worked well and I had an idea of how I would put these together.  Below are some of the images: 

ISO 400, F5, 1/20, -1 exposure compensation, FL 20mm

I quite liked this image with my big balloon-obscured face and the boots in the background, this fitted the brief and it did show me without showing me...

The following images were ISO 400, F5.6 exposure time ranging from 1/10 to around 1/30 and exposure compensation ranging from -0.3 to -1 

The doll in these images looks as if she is being abused in some way, certainly used incorrectly, positioned awkwardly, and exposed to the world.

I like this with shoe just falling off the foot, the slight blur with the movement 

The legs and skirt here work well and the hand, all with no face showing, objectifying the doll and making her more vulnerable in the images

I think this is my favourite image with the hand as it does leave the viewer guessing as to what is happening here, where is the hand reaching to or is she falling...

I will put these together for a final piece and see if I can create the story through these 'trace' images

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