Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Biteable Video Process

 In the first session of the term, we were creating a Biteable video with the aim of promoting ourselves online to potential employers/clients.  

In my video, I wanted to go for the role of Head of Digital Design. I began by opening and then going to 'Templates and choosing a CV/resume template.

After choosing the template I started by editing the text by clicking on the text and changing the wording in this slide below I changed the wording to '20 years experience in Digital Design'  and tried to briefly outline my experience.

I also, replaced the colour background and the graphics and text colors by clicking on 'Edit' and then going into the left-hand style menu to change the colour combinations, I changed it to this purple hue however I think I will change this again as I am not sure I particularly like this shade. 

I added a video on each slide by clicking into the advanced editor and 'Replace Background' so I could search for a suitable stock video, I chose videos as I think this moves the narrative forward and add more life to the presentation. 
In the editor, you can see the overall presentation and in the advanced editor, I can individually change the slides.  I then also changed the music by just clicking under the timeline on the musical note and choosing suitable music.  My final actions were just lengthening some of the scenes, I did this by just dragging the scene on the timeline to add extra seconds.  I deleted any slides I did not want by clicking on the scene in the timeline and then the blue arrow at the top to delete the scene.  I did some final quality checks of spelling, and timing, adjusted the sizes of text and video in places, and then I clicked on 'start free trial' to publish.  Please follow the link below to view the video.

Overall I think it could be a great personal marketing tool in addition to a formal Cv and would work well on a website to promote my skills. 

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