Monday 23 January 2023

Urban Landscape: Cultural Quarter Trip

 We visited the cultural quarter in Leicester to explore urban landscape photography. As we were looking at Micheal Wolff and Thomas Struth, I was considering Leading lines (like Struth) in my images I wanted to show some architectural close-ups but I do like the city and Wolff's Architecture of Density which I also tried to exemplify in some of my own work. Leicester, of course, has its own character and identity and this I wanted to explore and show through looking through the lens at Leicester!

I used a Canon 700D for the shoot, beginning with settings around ISO 200, Aperture priority. These are the contacts from teh shoot

For this shoot I used both color and black and white and I think there are some shots that really work well, we were blessed with a cold but very sunny day which really enhanced these. 

F5.6, 1/1000, 55mm, ISO 200

This was looking at architectural density I liked this image from the Phoenix

F5.6, 1/4000. ISO 200, 55mm

and this image from the BT Tower - I can see this from my windows at home

F4, 1/40, ISO 200, 24mm
I liked this shot, the dirt of the pipe the dirty water glistening in the sun, the pavement below...

I will looking further at these shots next week for portfolio but this gives an idea of the shots I will be working with

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