Thursday, 1 December 2022

Finalising the Website

 To complete this project and website I added my work to the portfolio pages.  I add buttons and then embedded the link so that the flipbook I created just opened up in a new window.  I did this by clicking on the 'Add' and then 'button' in the menu and then I placed the button in the correct position on the page and set up the links to either the website page or in the case of the flipbook the website address.

I also embedded a link into the navigation so the project can be accessed two ways on the site. I did this again by add and button and then customising the button - I changed the font on all buttons to Caudex 17 pts to be consistent throughout.

I then checked the mobile view and made sure all of the portfolio is working correctly and that the buttons are in the correct place.  The flipbook will not preview on mobile view so I checked this on my phone as my site is published 

I had to change the front portfolio page and I had some issues as my portfolio page used a repeater and I had to add a section on the desktop to ensure I did not get three buttons every time I added instead of one.  I did this but then on the mobile version this did not work - I, therefore, changed this, and at present, on my actual mobile the Woman project and Photo sections work well the other two sections,  I still think have some issues. 

I will need to change the repeater into three sections to make this work so I will have to work on this further!  Otherwise, though the project is embedded and this does work well in both places where is accessed on the site. 

The design of the site is consistent and I think that it is now (almost) as I want it, I will just work on the mobile version further to complete this.

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