Thursday, 16 January 2020

20 Ideas in 20 Minutes: The Beginning of a New Project

In class we completed 20 ideas in 20 minutes - I think I now have a record time as I completed this in 11 minutes!

As you can see completely unreadable however the best ideas here that I would like to explore further are:

  • Photographing objects/the body underwater - I have never actually done this before and thought this could be quite interesting
  • Photographs and materiality/post-photography looking at putting photographs on materials and 3D objects on a theme perhaps just exploring my personal relationship with the camera.
  • Photographing the future- my own future visions in photographs 
As I already discussed Helen Chadwick and using 3D objects with the image in my previous post so I thought as my last project concentrated on the past that this project could be more about the future and transformation.

I have been looking at feminist photography such as this By Karin Mack:

Here the woman is trapped in domestic tasks even in her dreams and this kind of photography and feminist thought was the kind of work that was made in the second/third wave of feminism with Martha Rosler and her performance and posters.  Hannah Wilke another feminist artist used their body - below Lynn Hersham Leeson constructs the woman's face through makeup in an extreme fashion to explore the politics of a woman's face and body in society.   

In terms of transformation and commentary, I want to explore these ideas of woman, the feminine and how this translates in the fourth wave of feminism as I do think we may have lost our way....


Fortman J. (2018) Vocal Media: A Timeline of the Feminist Movement Available from: (Accessed 16/01/20)

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