Friday, 31 January 2020

Prototyping My Project: The Diary Mock Up

I need to create a prototype at this point to begin to look at how this project will work as a final piece, therefore, I have mocked up a couple of pages to test out how this will look.

Beginning with the Front Cover - I decided I would like a small journal A5 so I set up some A5 pages on Photoshop 300dpi so that they are high resolution for printing.  The font I used here was Berlin Sans

The pages I am showing here with just some images I have taken recently and greeked text - you can find out more about this here.  This is a possible layout to a page - 

At present this is very simple and there are no additional design features - I played bout here with the colour background and using contact sheets 

I need to experiment more with these layouts and start to put together more of a plan so the diary has more focus.  It needs a stronger theme that can run through this and then these pages will start to come together - I am thinking I would like them to look like vellum in cream to give is a more classic look.
Image result for cream vellum

I also think I would like perhaps a sans serif text but again more experimentation is needed!

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