Sunday, 19 January 2020

Finalising Project Ideas & Sign Off

After much thought, I have decided that my project should be a journal for 30 days.  This journal will include images and text each day and I will use online software so I can write this easily (also my handwriting is unreadable!) I will upload any writing or drawings I complete by hand.  There is a long tradition of artists keeping journals Check out this link here: Artist Diaries Since 1865.  One of my favourite examples of this is Olidon Redon's To Myself.  

Redon's thoughts on other artists, his own work and his reflections on life are a joy to read - here is an example: 'Leisure is not a privilege; it is not a favour, it is not a social injustice, it is the beneficial necessity by which the spirit is fashioned as well as a taste and the discovery of oneself' (Redon O. 1986: P88) 

And he continues: ' I prefer the spirit of Degas to the spirit of his works' (Redon O. 1986: P88) I am definitely inclined to agree with this!

I would like to try something similar and I have checked out a few sites so that I can do this digitally - was having issues so I decided it was too unreliable.  So I checked out 

Penzu was okay except that most features that would make it interesting such as the customisation you needed to go Pro and pay for.  I decided that this was not an option and I wanted to keep this fairly straightforward.  

I looked at this was much better completely free and simple with a user-friendly interface that seems to work well.  I thought I would give this one a try and if I really disliked it I can move to another site 

So after this consideration about how I would do this, I completed my sign off form.


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Redon O. (1986) To Myself: Notes on Life, Art & Artists, Translated from the French by Mira Jacob and Jeanne L. Wassermann.  George Brazillier, Inc. New York

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