Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Reflection on Object Therapy

Marcel Duchamp Cast Alive, 1967 | by •tlc•photography•

I will start with Duchamp here as this piece of work the artist becomes the object casting his own face, hand and arm above his beloved chess set. This must be the ultimate object therapy - I am now considering how exactly I can become the object!

In my own small little book here I did not add this to my website as it was more playing with an idea and some techniques on the images. I enjoyed making the book and adding the text and I thought the overall look was good and the concept was good however if I wanted to go further I might use this as a prototype and then perhaps complete much more writing and research to make a more interesting and more in-depth piece of work.

I am looking forward to the last term of the year to see what else I will explore!

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