Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Welcome to Summer Term Two (Lockdown) 2020

Welcome to the new term.  My thoughts turn to my last year at DMU when I was a young student and I began to think of Professor Nicholas Zurbrugg.  I had the privilege of being taught by this great man and he supervised my dissertation which I absolutely loved writing. 

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Nicholas Zurbrugg (Born 1st February 1947; died 14th October 2001)

You can read the obituary from the Guardian here .  Zurbrugg died a year after I left university but the short moments that I spent with him were a joy.  I studied avant-garde literature and I had a love (still do) of the dadaist and was writing my dissertation on John Heartfield and prewar Germany and Anselm Kiefer and postwar Germany.  Zubrugg sent me in all the right directions and although I used to leave notes under his door in his office he would always file these away somewhere in the piles of papers and notes, he would never forget what I was doing and he took time with a very naive young woman who wanted to learn (that was me then).  Zurbrugg introduced me to Baudrillard and Postmodernism, got me excited about Beckett and really just made me want to read more and more.  When I was at university I had no idea that he had written books as he never recommended his own.  A beautiful and admirable individual.

DMU also has a curated collection by Zurbrugg which you can read about here

I am hoping that you all find someone who inspires you as much as you go through university...

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