Saturday, 16 May 2020

Development & Process: Contacts #01

As I have 18 contact sheets I will break this down into a few posts.  I used my Olympus E3 to take all the images and show on a wide aperture F5/5.6.  I was indoors so my ISO was on 400 throughout.  I shot all the images in Black and White and I also shot in RWA and high quality so that I have choices in post-production.  I was most interested in playing with the light levels to get the right tones and shadows I was looking for in the images.  

So here you can see I started with the hand as I used as an example in my last post - this image could be interesting the final work and could work as per my sample.  The next was the mannequin - this one I am still contemplating, the images work and there is something about the form and composition here that I am enjoying.  The mask on the wall may not fit in compositionally with the set so I will need to look at this more closely as this is on the wall and portrait. There will need to be decisions around whether to include both portrait and landscape images and how this would affect the layout of the final book.  The bowl and African figures would like to keep in as these are important to me to include.  

The summer hats on the dummy head I actually like these images, I think the most, I was not expecting these to work particularly but there is something about these that will work and as an object in these images there is definitely something interesting.

The African figure here does not work as well as the pair with bowl - but I will need to examine this more closely to see if it makes the final cut.  Then the flowers I took quite a few of the flowers however I am not sure that they even fit into the methodology of the work!

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