Monday, 4 May 2020

How Do I Stay Creative & Productive?

Yoko Ono (1993) Bastet

How did I generate my idea/s for this project? Tell the story….

I began by using an object which originally was a Matryoshka doll - I like the idea at the beginning of looking at identity and this led to the idea of looking at art therapy. Interestingly at the time, I thought that this opening up in a therapeutic way would be good for me, however as events have taken over and things have changed now I am more interested in the object itself and the idea of the object representation.

How did I begin to develop this idea? Did you draw sketches, take pictures, film clips, what experiments did you do?

I started to develop the idea by looking at research but also drawing some bad sketches and taking a few photos to explore. I often use my camera as a pencil - just checking out ideas with a few snaps and seeing where they lead. The photograph often you find something surprising or interesting you weren't expecting within the image and this is what happened with the set of objects they had old fashioned picture quality that made me want to tell a story with these objects

What research have you carried out and how has this assisted you with your ideas and helped you develop them?

I looked at Frida Kahlo, to begin with which is where the bad skec=tches came from - she kind of does these there is a slightly grotesque quality to the sketches to exemplify that inner pain and suffering. Then I looked at Tracey Emin and her art therapy project when she locked herself down in the gallery space for 14 days - I was really interested in that concentrated stream of consciousness type of work as something always emerges from this kind of intensive focus. I also looked at Eve and woman and the weight of creation - I think I felt life might be lying heavy on me at the time!

What is your method of working? Explain how you create focus and space for your creative work?

My method of working is always to start with snaps with the camera - just holding my camera makes me happy - if I am taking pictures I see this as a form of just thinking - it doesn’t necessarily mean I will take a lot of good pictures but I will find what I want in the pictures and it will give me ideas for more serious sets of images and things I could do with those images.  

I do find it hard to create focus and space for my own work when I am teaching and this is why I make the projects as I think it does keep me focussed on things that genuinely interest me in life and I get to explore and look at art and photography and film and writing and all these things give me ideas

What does it matter? Who cares?  What universal meaning is there in your work?

This is a very good question! This blog and the work I do on it I do for the students to show examples and to use a teaching tool by example and I have a teaching methodology that means that I don’t believe in asking students to do things that I have not tried out and completed myself.  

In terms of universal meaning I hope students relate to some of the work and also some of the work I do I think does have a wider meaning but as much off the work I do is conceptual i think it has perhaps a limited audience - I like to think that these are the elite! 

I always do think though that if my work gets out there and it means something to someone I have achieved something and I have shared something that just might have bought a moment of stillness and beauty to their day

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