Monday, 15 February 2021

Disturbance: Experimentation

 After the last post with my test shots, I have experimented with mixed media using the photograph.  I mounted the photograph on canvas board (just using mounting spray).  Then I used the monochrome colour palette shown on my folio board to experiment with the medium.  Below is the original shot and then the mixed media piece.

I liked the idea of disturbance and a more painful look to the image so I created cuts to the legs and the hand appears bloody.  

Death is a disturbance to those looking at it, as is pain and this is what is expressed here.  Kiefer often used photographs, mixed media and incorporated writing into his works here is an early piece from the 1960s. 

'In his series 'Occupations' Keifer immediately challenges the viewer to ponder once again the incomprehensible horror of the Nazi era; in the flamboyance of the Nazi 'Sieg Heil' he spares neither the viewer nor himself since he serves as the model for the saluting figure (as above)' (Kiefer A. 1987)

This idea of shaking the viewer and the artist through the work is something that I wanted to explore here.  Obviously Kiefer's work has the weight of history, the pain of the millions at its heart ...


Kiefer A. (1987) Anselm Kiefer. Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA

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