Monday 8 February 2021

What do I know about Photography?

This is my own example from the class exercise 'What do I know..?'

What should I be doing in my subject area?

I should be learning about photographers, critical theory of photography such as Walter Benjamin, Solomon Godeau, Roland Barthes, John Berger, Susan Sontag and many more.

I should be discovering different photography techniques and practicing these.  

I should be creating many different types of projects both technical and conceptual to really understand the many different aspects of photography 

I should go to galleries and shows

I should keep up to date with a changing digital world and the latest in photography 

What skills and knowledge do I need for my subject area?

I need the knowledge stated above but also knowledge of how photography works in the world today and how I could promote my photography work

The skills I need are understanding all my camera settings, understanding frame, composition, and light.  I need to have a clear digital workflow and storage system for my work

What jobs can I get by studying in this subject?

I could work as a freelance photographer, photo editor, photo archivist, curator, photographer for newspaper or magazine, graphic designer, teacher, 

If I scored myself out of ten, with ten being the highest, how well do I think I know my own subject area?

I would give myself an eight as I still think there is much to learn!  Also, technology changes very quickly and there is much to discover!

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