Tuesday 16 February 2021

Maniacal Laughing: Test

 I was discussing the laughter in previous posts now I wanted to test it out so I could work out how this would look.  I used my Olympus Stylus SH-2 again with the film grain filter as I still want these to look gritty.  These are just some quick test shots. Just one contact sheet 

Here are a couple of the ones I might try to use for studies for a painting.

Settings: F3, 1/20 ISO 800 FL4mm

I blackened my eyes so that they would slightly more disturbing.  

Settings: F3, 1/20 ISO 800 FL4mm

In these two the top one I think I look insane and unhinged and this is what I wanted to capture - these shots are a good first test of the look and expression I am trying to create - I will shoot these again but as a first test I feel I am getting somewhere ...

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