Monday 15 February 2021

Media & Art: Test Shots

 I wanted to experiment first with the look of the photos I will be creating which essentially will be a study for the paintings so following my folio board I was working on this look  'Lustmord' (1922) by Otto Dix  

'Lustmord' (1922) by Otto Dix  

This is my first contact sheet - I checked the light and then shot these in black and white.  I used a film grain filter so that they had a gritty look to them.  To take these I used my Olympus Stylus SH-2 and tripod. I took these in the morning so I would get as much natural light from the window as possible.

I was trying to get the look of death but with covid restrictions - so here are the two that I thought best did this:

Settings: FL 4.5mm, 1/60, F3, ISO 125

Settings: FL 4.5mm, 1/80, F3, ISO 125

The second shot here is more successful in that it is closer and get the whole body in the shot - I like the overexposure in the background as this concentrates the viewer on the body.  I think these have some potential and I will shoot again using a different camera to see if I can create a different, maybe darker scene - however death happens even in sunshine so there is something to that.  

I will be exploring this again through sketches and experiments but this is one of the pieces I want to use in the final portfolio as I had been thinking about these shots for some time and I do think they are expressing the concept as I had envisioned.

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