Thursday, 28 October 2021

IIM: Ideas & Initial Research

 The Swimming Hole image from Eakins inspired me to create a coffee shop brand.  for my portfolio I will create the brand and logo, merchandising, an Instagram page, a menu, and offer leafet and business cards digital/hard copy.

Thomas Eakins The Swimming Hole (1885)

Here is a quick mock up of my first ideas - I just used tailor brands 

Business Cards

The logo I like the style, colour and font - but I could work on something like this myself in Photoshop and make this more dynamic 

Website and merchandise.  I would like to make a real t-shirt and I want to also create a menu design 

Looking at other Instagram sites for coffee - I looked at Costa and I could see how I could brand and sell on Instagram - photographs of my branded coffee and show the lifestyle by the river to feed into the brand

Costa have a brand mission statement and this I would write for my own brand so that I have a real brand story 

These are just a few quick ideas however more research is needed to make sure I am selling looking at demographics and design and I will explore this further for my project. 

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