Sunday 11 August 2019

A moment of quiet...

The dolls are taking a rest and their leader has stopped to enter a beautiful lake at sunset.  She hovers in the water and here is how she got there..

  I selected here again and added her to the image.  I then used the eraser tool to remove the bottom half of her body. 

  I copied her again and rotated her - I then used the opacity to make her more transparent as a reflection in the water.  I then wanted her to slightly blur as the tree to make the image consistent so I used the Filters in Photoshop and used the fragment to slightly distort the reflective image.

I was quite please with thsi result quite a gentle image and so I checked output and printed this on Semi Gloss oyster paper at A3 and then framed this image (I will show you this in class) ...

Checking output and how I willl add these for the final outcome is important as I want these to be high quality prints and high-quality images to show on my website.  More about my website next...

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