Sunday 4 August 2019

Project Plan

As I have taken some time out this term my plan is a little more disjointed however certainly still a good one!  

The Army of Dolls: Project Plan & Timescale

Week One

Develop ideas and research these ideas, try something out to see what could work as a project and could be completed in the timescale.

Week Two 

Research and complete a development piece of work on the doll and start to experiment with that work. 

Week Three & Four 


Week Five 

Complete project Sign off & Plan of work - clearly I am a little late with this!  However Now back on track

Week Six 

Research further into Hans Bellmer, The Chapmans, & Bernard Faucon 

Start to create the first piece of work 

Week Seven 

Process, keep creating and blogging work as creating it with technical aspects 

Week Eight

Reflect and review all work and start to finalise this work 

Week Nine

Create a gallery online on the website, update website and showcase final pieces with a good written introduction

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