Sunday, 11 August 2019

The End of The Army: A Funeral Pyre

I will begin by using this image of a funeral Pyre from a helpful blog posting on how to build Funeral Pyres by Jared Unzipped

I then used the curves tool just to brighten the image a little and then I started to selecut cut and paste parts of teh now naked army of dolls.  Although this des not look promising I will change this into the dismembered pyre that I am after.

I started to move the limbs and body parts around and I ended up with about 46 layers of parts so this is what it looked like in the end 

This is the layers and the selected parts being moved around and below is the final piece. 

I think this could be better and I could spend more time making this more real and to meld better with the landscape so I did try this also in Black and white 

I do think is looks better in Black and white and as a set I could try all of these in Black and white to see if this would be a better option.  Now this is the end of my army and my process and I will begin to consider my final pieces. 

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