Sunday, 11 August 2019

Website Update

As my old website was about to expire I decided to redesign my own personal site and this is what it looks like so far:

This is the new homepage I thought I would continue with the doll theme for the moment with this image.  I am using a single image as there are many images within the portfolio.
 My updated About page I am using a similar biography I have just cleaned this up and added a new image.
 This is the page that gave me the most trouble the front page of my portfolio - I wanted it to link to my portfolio galleries however the images consistently were not showing up or were slow to show up.  Now it is linked through the button and the image so the viewer should be able to click anywhere to access. 
This is where I am selling the images when you click on buy now it takes you to the art store and you can buy these not just as prints but as T-Shirts, bags, and mugs etc. 

 This is my links to the writing I have done online. I wanted to keep this to show my work further.

Finally the Contact page - just a simple page where people can email me.

Overall I am happy with the changes here - there are still many tweaks that need completing, however, everything works as it should and now I am just waiting for my domain to connect to make this live and then I can start working on the SEO and metatags. I will also add social media links that are useful.

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