Saturday 10 August 2019

Beginning to Create: The Lake of Avalon

The Army of dolls are here and they have begun their journey at The Lake of Avalon.  The Lake of Avalon is a mythical place that is part of the story of King Arthur.  King Arthur's Excalibur sword was believed to be forged there and this is where King Arthur goes after being injured in battle to be healed with the magical waters of Avalon.

My Army of Dolls have started their journey here to collect the healing water ready for their forthcoming journey.

I began my journey with the dolls by finding a military uniform barbie doll that I could alter - this is her:

I then changed the colour of the uniform - I used the selection tool using the plus and minus controls to create as perfect selection as possible and then I used the adjustments to adjust the hue and saturation of the uniform like this:

I then needed to change her head so I simply cloned out this dolls head so she was essentially headless and then added my dolls head like this - again I used the selection tool and I copied and pasted this head and resized to fit here:

My Master army doll was now complete and now she needed a location so I found the Lake of Avalon and added her to the scene

Of course now she needed to be replicated so I duplicated her several times so that my army could get started.  I simply used the duplicate layer option her and then the transform controls to move the dolls into position.

As you can see my dolls had got to the island and some had remained at the shore - I look forward to seeing where they will end up next!


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