Tuesday, 9 April 2019

30 Day Challenge; A Transformative Project

After my last post I have chosen the route I would like to take in terms of development and I have chosen to complete a 30 day yoga challenge.  I have chosen this as I started do yoga when I was a teenager as I was picked on at school.  Doing yoga every morning used to really help to calm me down and make me feel happier. Now many many years later I find that although I walk aa lot, have a vegan diet (for 30 years) and am not too unhealthy.  I do have quite a hectic life which has caused me some stress and I think that this would actually counteract some of this and I think I can make this into a project using film, photography and text.

I think to complete this project I have to use in the manner of Sophie Calle.  Calle uses rules for each of her art pieces that she follows strictly as stated here; 
'SOPHIE CALLE: The rules of the game are always very strict. In Take Care of Yourself I asked the participants to answer professionally, to analyze a breakup letter that I had received from a man. The parameters were fixed. For example, I wanted the grammarian to speak about grammar—I wanted to play with the dryness of professional vocabulary. I didn’t want the women expressing sentiment for me. Except maybe my mother . . .' (Neri 07/03/09)

My project rules will be as follows:

To complete at least 10 minutes of Yoga every day
Aim to increase the time over the four weeks to at least 30 minutes
To document each day through a diary
To engage in Guerilla yoga at least three times (more of this later)
To use photos and film to document the process
To complete a portfolio of these documents

I will use basic wheel of yoga foundations, I will not do cat yoga, llama yoga, hot yoga etc!

I will use a diary and will post pages here and keep documenting progress and further research here.  I am hoping this project will create a daily discipline and will be creative as a artistic transformational project ....


Neri L. (7th March 2009) Interview Magazine, Sophie Calle [Online] Available From: (Accessed 09/04/19)

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