Sunday, 14 April 2019

Day Four: Night Yoga

As I had a busy day I completed my yoga session late...

Today I used the book I really learnt yoga from to begin with it is called 'Wake Up To Yoga' and was my companion as a young girl for many years.  It taught me basic stretching and breathing and is by Lyn Marshall

Check out this video:

Fil OK "Parasympathetic" (ft. Lyn Marshall) published by fillywilly 25th January 2013 youtube

I wondered what had happened to Lyn Marshall as I had followed her moves for so long and discovered a tribute page to here on Twitter: Tribute to Lyn Marshall

I tried to find an obituary online about Lyn Marshall however I could not find one (which was strange) she died in 1992 and spend her life as an actor, model, presenter and yoga teacher on TV and in books really admire her work and everywhere I did look online there were other people who said the same that she had introduced them to yoga and that they followed her work.  I found this an uplifting thought that Marshall really had inspired many through her work and dedication to yoga and health and fitness.


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Published by fillywilly (25th January 2013) Youtube: Fil OK "Parasympathetic" (ft. Lyn Marshall) [online video] Available from: (Accessed 14/04/19)

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