Sunday, 21 April 2019

Creating My Site: Zoetic Mindfulness

I began this journey before I even looked at websites with considering very carefully the name I wanted - i checked out the domain names available and the closest I could get to what I wanted was  I wanted a .com as this is the best.  Hendricks states in Forbes;

'A whole industry is dedicated to .com real estate, with moguls (aka cybersquatters) owning thousands of .com names, and selling them to budding entrepreneurs for a healthy return on investment. They buy generic domain names for $5 each and often resell them to companies for thousands, or even millions of dollars. Small companies with a bootstrapping mentality don't have the resources to purchase an expensive domain name. This often forces small business owners to buy a domain that's wordy, weird, or uses a .co, .net, .biz, or other irrelevant or sub-optimal top-level domain (TLD).' (Hendricks D. 09/04/15)

This is due to search optimisation all companies want their website at the top of the Google search - .com are most visible in searches and the public trust .com sites over other domain extensions as stated above. 

So I found a good name I have used mindfulness in the title as this hopefully captures the zeitgeist and the Zoetic is good as it relates to my name and means life and in this case 'living mindfulness' which (I think) is great!  

After I had my domain name I set up an email with this name and I began by choosing a template and started to create the look of my site:

I started with a image from pixabay and just adjusted this slightly on Photoshop changing it to Black and White and overexposing it slightly as I wanted it to give out pure white.  I added the title and will begin looking at the menu and what I really want to include on the site to get this started. I can't decide whether to use a personal approach or a more business approach on the About page. 


Hendricks D. (09/04/2015) Forbes: How Important is it for your website to be a .com? [Online] Available From: (Accessed 21/04/19)

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