Thursday, 13 October 2022

Creating an Advert: Pixlr Practice

 Today I will be practicing creating my advert using the online Pixlr software.  I will put my practice process here and then I can explore ideas and explain technically how I am doing this. 

I began by opening Pixlr and using Pixlr E

I clicked into File, new and then clicked onto 'Print' i the top menu and then I chose A4 to follow my brief.  I then added a title and chose a white background.  I think clicked on 'create' and this opened up my workspace on Pixlr with my white canvas

I then clicked on 'Page' in the top menu and then 'rotate'

I then opened my image in Pixlr which I upload from my desktop and then I selected the image using Select in the top menu and then I clicked on edit in the top menu and then copy.  I then clicked on my canvas and then I clicked on edit in the top menu and the paste

I clicked on the left hand side tool bar and clicked on the 'T' which is the text tool to add words to my image. I clicked onto the image and Pixlr asked if I wanted to make a text layer and I stated apply.  I then typed in my text and selected and used the top menu to choose the font which was Adolfini and the color and size of my text.

I created a logo on Tailor Brands online.   I chose my company name which was Charity and the logo maker created several options, I chose the one above and then customised to the correct the colours to match my advert.

I then saved my logo as a png to the desktop and then clicked on File , open image and chose my logo file.  This opened in my Pixlr workspace and I then clicked on Select in the top menyu and then edit copy in the top menu and clicked back to my practice advert and clicked on edit again and paste. I used my move tool to put the logo in place.  

I then exported my image as a png to my desktop just by clicking on File, export. 

I can now upload the final image here and my practice in complete.  this is my final image.

I really like this image and think it worked well for my message.  I liked the colour with the shades of brown which worked well n the logo and text.  However I think the font is too thin and needed to be bolder and I need to look further at fonts and typography.

Reference for Image

apratama, V. (2022) Man and Woman by a Body of water. [online] Pexels. Available at: [Accessed 13 October 2022].

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