Thursday, 20 October 2022

Ideas Generation for Major Project: Feminism/Photography

 Continuing on my theme of Feminism for the term I would like to do work about Feminism through photography.

This could take various forms - I could work with my own body as a woman, or I could work through objects and stories like Sophie Calle and her work Striptease where Calle worked as a Striptease artist and turned this into her artwork.  'Calle's oeuvre has flirted with these opposites: control and freedom, choice and compulsion, intimacy and distance.'(Jeffries, 2009)  I like the idea of a small book and a narrative and like Calle and Yoko Ono following a set of instructions or using boundaries to create images.

Here are examples of Yoko Ono's instruction paintings 

I would like to consider instructions for photographs further and perhaps use existing ideas or stories that would work for my instructions for photographs.  I do also enjoy photographic instruction manuals and This is also something I might like to play with as an idea for creating a photographic instruction manual.

This could be really good for the feminism and photography theme and this is definitely an idea to be explored further through research.  I have many Photography books and manuals as I collect these so the source material here would be original and very useful. 

I will consider all these ideas and I will add more when I feel I have decided on the idea I would like to pursue.


Jeffries, S. (2009) Sophie Calle: Stalker, stripper, sleeper, spy, The Guardian. Guardian News and Media. Available at: (Accessed: October 20, 2022). 

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