Sunday, 16 October 2022

Final Advert: Design Process

 After practising in class on Pixlr, I wanted to create my final advert using Photoshop.  I liked the design and the image however I wanted to improve on this and create a new logo.

I began by creating a new canvas on Photoshop, File, New and then in the dialog box I went to Print and A4.

I then opened the image I used originally in Photoshop, clicked on Select and select all in the top menu and then edit, copy and then went to my new canvas and clicked on edit, paste.  The image was now on my canvas.  I aligned this using Photoshop guidelines to ensure the image was centred correctly.

I then added Text by clicking on the 'T' in the tools menu on the left-hand side of my workspace.  I added the words and then used the move tool in the tools menu to place it where I wanted it in the image.  I then changed the font which was Lucida Bright, Demi Bold ay 48pts and adjusted the colour to the shade of brown/orange to match the image.

I then created a new logo I wanted to create something that represented the message much better than the original so I went with 'Humans for Change' as the idea was for men and women to unite and work together to create a better world for all.  I created this on Tailor Brands again as this was a time constrained piece of work.

I then added the logo by exporting it as a png and uploading to Photoshop, I adjusted the size using the transform tools and I also lowered the opacity so that it stood out but did not just have a white background and that it integrated with the image.

Before I finished the advert I actaully wanted to make a T-Shirt with just the image, logo and tagline so I saved the image as a jpeg and then used T-Shirt transfer paper in my printed, on print setting I set this up and so it printed this in reverse to that it could then be ironed onto the T-shirt after printing and appear the correct way round.  I asked my son to take a polaroid of me wearing the T-Shirt!

The idea here was to show the potential of the campaign and that this could be added to T-shirts that would be easily recognisiable.

Finally I added the rest of the wording to the actual advert so that those who were interested could get involved and join Humans for Change!  I will add the final advert on the next post.

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