Monday, 6 February 2023

Creating My Website: Homepage

 I opened Wix and I chose a template for my subject area, Photography.  I liked this template as it was clean with a single image. 

I then changed the text on the homepage by double clicking on the text and clicking 'edit text' and then used the dialog pop up box to change the font which i changed to Rozha One font and I used all capital bold letter for my name

I added text by clicking on the plus button at the top of the left hand menu and then clicking on text and added 'heading' and then I used the move tool to move the text box in place and then I double clicked to write on this and change to the same font as my name for the title on the homepage. 

I then sourced and image Pixabay and I clicked on the image on my homepage and then clicked on manage media and this opened the dialog box as below.  I then clicked on the blue 'Add Media button on the box and then I clicked on upload from my computer. 

After uploading the image to the galley, I clicked on the right hand menus 'crop and edit' and then clicked on 'Filters' and I used a Black and white filter and then I saved the image and added to the wix gallwery for the haomepage

I clicked on 'Preview to checked what it looked like - I did not like the slide gallery and will change this to a single image.

I then wanted to change the navigation menu so I click don the third icon down on the left hand side menu and clicked on Pages, I then deleted all pages I did not need and so I ended up with four pages I needed, Home, Portfolio, About and Contact page.  I then clicked on 'Save in the top right hand corner to ensure all my changed were saved correctly. I then previewed again and checked all the pages correctly and that the site was starting to look how I wanted it to in terms of the design.

I then changed my copyright to my own and the correct year by clicking into the text in the footer.  I checked then that it appeared on all pages and saved this to ensure my copyright always appeared

The last change I have made for my homepage, just for the moment, is changed the section background.  I right clicked on the section and then' 'change background'  I then clicked on 'colour' and changed this to the light grey and then saved this again 

My final completed design for today looks like this in preview

I am really happy about this design I think the grey and white colours work well and the font looks right on the site.  The image has impact and although this still needs work it is a great start to my website. 

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