Sunday 31 March 2024


 The end of a term came and went and now we are nearly at the beginning of a new one!  I will remind myself where I started which was with Kimiko Yoshida, her haunting images of marriage and identity have really stuck with me this term and in response to her work and others that I explored, I became more and also less. 

I was everywhere and nowhere.  I placed myself over and over again in the domestic environment where I am.  I also in The Quietus was working on the beginning of my disappearance, through Amande (Almond in French), and the mysterious events that will lead to a rather interesting story.  I only had the opportunity to write three chapters due to time constraints however this is a story I really do want to continue to write.  Something I plan on doing once I have effected my own disappearance!  The other project I worked on this term was The Twilight House, I actually enjoyed this immensely, it was an interior design project for a house in France for Gen X who were working on hybrid work.  The house had many faults it was too large, the layout needed work, as although the floorplan and zoning worked in theory the sheer scale would perhaps have made this house have vast unused spaces for the people it was meant for.  If I as doing this again I would have reduced the size significantly and changed the layout to make it flow not just from front to back as my plan but throughout so that there was better connections between rooms. I would also have changed some of the colour scheme and perhaps made more individualised rooms that reflected the target customer further. 

Overall, I was pleased with the work, as a start, on all projects but all projects needed more development and I do think they were just the start of my ideas.  I am going to before the beginning of next term update my website as there were a few issues with the about and the book was not showing correctly.  I am hoping that with a few tweaks, this can also be improved.

Looking forward to next term, I wonder what new ideas this will bring...

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