Thursday 7 March 2024

Website Feedback & UX Testing

 This week we did Feedback and UX Testing on our Wix Websites.  We created a google form with testing questing and then embedded this into the navigation bar.  We then published our websites and shared the website links so we could all test each others site and get feedback.  

My live site address is now Zoe Van-de-Velde | architecture (

please click here to view live site.

These are the questions and the responses I received, I will just go through these and make comments and I will update and republish accordingly.

I only received one response however this is still feedback and on the first question the tester thought that my homepage was 'good' so there is clearly room for improvement on this page. I will check this on the mobile view as well as I think there may be an issue on this view. 

The about page again was just 'good'  I do think this page could be designed slightly better and perhaps have more impact when the viewer opens the page and this is something I will look at changing this.  

I decided to remove just the image and I changed the entire background to my about page to my image and then I changed the text to Rohza One and white and placed it to the left hand side of my image I also changed the font of the title and moved this to right side for balance I then saved and republished this.  I then checked my mobile view as well. I just moved the section downwards to ensure the menu was noyt covered and the page was aligned correctly.

Next I looked at my contact page and social links and again this was 'good' so everything is functional but I will just check the mobile view again. I actually quite like my contact page and so I will not make any changes here and everything is working well on both desktop and mobile views. 

I am now going to my portfolio pages.  Again this was still 'good' and I still have more to add here so I rechecked the front portfolio page and I though t the button text and buttons too large on the mobile so I reduced the size if these just by clicking on and using the A- button and then using the move/transform controls to reduce the size of the button. 

I then checked the navigation - this is all good and I do think this works well s no changes here for the moment. 

I then looked at the feedback for the design boards for Twilight house and again just have 'good' which is quite disappointing as I was hoping that these worked well, they still need a few outcomes adding but overall I thought that this was a good design project that I have presented well. 

I checked the project again and the only changes I made were to the size of the text and buttons as I still think that this works well and I also checked on my actual mobile again once I had republished to ensure that everything was live and working correctly. 

My last two questions were would you recommend to a friend and which device are you using. Again there was just good - which I am hoping through the changes I have made that this would move to a more positive response.  The device was desktop.  

My last questions were with comments and these are shown below..

I have now fixed mobile view issues and changed pages, I am pleased everything is consistent and I am hoping that now my site is much improved with these updates.  

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