Tuesday 5 March 2024

Website Gallery: Book Project

 Today we are uploading our book onto Wix and I will be embedding a flipbook

I went Wix and clicked and Pages and Menu and then clicked on 'Add Menu Item' and then 'New Page'.  I think clicked on the three dots on the tab and rename and then typed in the name of my book 'The Quietus. I then dragged the tab down underneath my portfolio to make it a subpage.

I then went to my front portfolio page and clicked on the Add tool in the menu and the I chose 'button' I then chose the button I wanted and dragged it onto the page.  I then clicked on the button and renamed the name of my book and then chose the link for the page I have just made.  I then saved and previewed and checked that it worked.  I customised the button to be consistent with the font type and size of other buttons and I used the Wix gridlines to line up the button.

I then went to my page for my book.  I added a title in Palatino Linotype font at 53pts and then I added text to introduce my book, again in the same font at 24pts.  I then aligned the introduction to the left hand side.  I may adjust my introduction later but this is a start.  I then added a back to portfolio button using the same method as on the front portfolio page.  I also embedded by book using the Add tool and then embed, my own on Blurb should embed as a website however in the classroom it was having trouble with internet connection so I will add this later. 

I also have checked on my mobile itself and made further tweaks with the size of titles and buttons and have republished.  I will check this all again later.

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